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Exploring the limits of Massage, Neuromuscular, and Medical Therapies for the enhancement of full Body Performance, Health, & Wellbeing.

Enrollment for the Advanced Massage Therapy Program

Fall, Winter, & Spring

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Untapped Health College strives to provide the highest quality education in massage therapy through their Advanced LMT Program allowing for a higher success rate for their graduates. UHC continues to keep up to date on the newest research and massage modalities to be able to offer the best programs around.


The World needs more LMTs

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Quality Education

Our goal is to have the best programs around! keeping UpToDate on the newest research in massage therapy, helps our students succeed and provide high quality services to their clientele!

1000 Hour Program

Offering a 1000 Hour program, allows for our students to be qualified to work in many Geographical areas. This also allows us to dive deeper into the learning aspect so students become more knowledgeable in their field!

Multiple Financing Options

Our LMT Program is set up in a way that helps students graduate with little to no debt! We also have possible scholarships and funding options to help pay for your tuition and fees!

High Job Placement

UHC has multiple post graduate job opportunities that gives our students a future of success and a career they fits what they desire to do in the field of Massage Therapy!

Advanced Education Opportunities

UHC has created other opportunities for learning outside the LMT Program, to give our students as well as already established LMTs a chance to grow and continue their knowledge and education with advanced specialties and certifications!

Amazing Learning environment

Here at UHC, we understand the role of importance that the proper Learning Environment has on a students college experience and their success. Creating such an environment, brings excitement and desire necessary for Learning and Education!

Leg Injury

UHC Student Clinic

Quality Care You Can Trust

The UHC Student Clinic provides the public an opportunity to receive quality massage treatments at a discounted price, while supporting the students in their journey towards a career in massage therapy.

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Physiotherapists Training

Book with an Experienced Professional

We have hired some of the best LMPs in the area not only to provide the highest quality education, but also to offer you a chance to experience the most advanced therapies we have to offer!

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Neuromuscular & Medical Therapies

Running Group

Sports & Performance

Pre/Post-Maternity & New Born Therapies

Expecting Couple

Other Professional Services...

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Opening Hours

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Monday - Friday

8:00am - 8:00pm


9:00am - 1:00pm

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