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Untapped Health College and Beyond


March Is UHC's Client Appreciation Month.

We appreciate all of our clients and supporters for making it possible to have such a great college here in our local community.

Client Appreciation Perks

-UHC is offering $15 off all services for the entire month of March.

-We are also giving a Free Gift to all Services done in the Schools New Professional Clinic. (see below for more details)

New Professional Clinic

Starting March 2023

UHC is excited to announce the opening of the new Professional Clinic as part of the services offered.

You can now book with a professional Massage Therapist at Untapped Health College. From students who have recently graduated, to the expert Professors who have taught them, you can now book with them without the super expensive cost!

-Get a Free Gift when you book a service in the professional clinic during the month of March!

New Products

UHC is Now Selling Products

Come and check out our new product we offer! 
-Vitamins, Supplements, & Body Care Products.
You can select from one of our FREE Products when you book an appointment with one of our professionals during Client Appreciation Month in March

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